It’s not very uncommon to witness the celebrities undergoing serious body transformation in the entertainment world.

We get to see many of them shrinking or bulking themselves every now and then.

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Jonah Hill Weight loss

The transformations celebrities undergo are either followed by their personal choices or owing to the demand of their respective roles.

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But irrespective of the cause, they manage to fetch great love and support from their fans.

Jonah Hill is one such example who is best appreciated for his bodily transformations.

Even though, Jonah was quite flabby, yet, he stunned his fans by leaving behind all his extra weight for 21 Jump Street. And who can forget Seth, the overweight obtuse of Superbad?

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All in all, Hill has never failed to drop our jaws with his mind-blowing bodily changes!


The young and talented actor is in an excellent shape these days.

Reportedly, he has overcome his unwanted poundage and is enjoying a healthy, energetic body at the fullest.

When questioned pertaining to Jonah Hill weight, the 34 years old chose to be vocal about this life-altering change and provide details about how he made it to such a healthy life!

Age: 34 years.
Height: 1.7m (5.6”)
Weight loss: Over 40lbs.


The actor seems to have experienced all shapes and sizes in such a short span of his life.

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Considering his fluctuating weight, none would deny that he has the power to gain and lose weight in his hands!

But thankfully, his current weight is very much under control.

The Accepted actor revealed that before embarking on his voyage, Jonah Hill weight loss, he approached one of his close acquaintances to ask whether or not a healthy lifestyle will help him get in a healthy shape, to which, his friend responded in an obvious yes.

That close acquaintance of Hill was none other than, Channing Tatum.


There were some major changes which Jonah had to make as an attempt to cut down his weight.

Jonah Hill dietFor example, he paid a special emphasis on his diet, which was of course, quite out the track. But before discussing Jonah Hill diet, let us reveal something which he quit for a better him.

According to Hill, he avoided beer that had a major contribution in his weight.

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He further revealed that giving up beer was a wise move as its consumption doubles his tendency to gain weight.

Jonah has also noticed that quitting beer helps him get slim, whereas, its intake adds to his weight real quick.

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Getting back to his diet, Jonah sought the services of a professional nutritionist that can guide him the way to a healthy eating.

He was advised to incorporate more and more vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy items, whole grains and lean protein in his diet.

In addition to all these healthy items, the witty beau of Erin Galpern added sushi in his eating routine.

Jonah Hill WorkoutSushi, as most of us know, is packed with nutrients our body heavily needs for healthy functioning.

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And, if we look from the fitness perspective, the sea-food contains selenium and omega-3s that favor the pace of metabolism, while strengthening the immune system.

But Jonah’s focus was not limited to improving his eating habits, but was towards his physical activities too.

He was well-aware of the importance of workouts, thereby, he willingly integrated exercises in his busy routine.

Jonah Hill workout was all about running and 100 pushups- yes, 100 pushups!

Basically, a friend of him advised him to do 100 pushups to reduce to a healthy size. Well, it seems like his friend’s piece of advice has favored Jonah in the best way imaginable.

Jonah, on several social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram has expressed how good he feels to be in shape and the positive effects he has been experiencing owing to the changes in his lifestyle.


Jonah transformations are worth the praise.

His body’s tendency to engorge and shrink is truly spectacular. Time and again, he has impressed us with his completely altered shapes and that is something, unusual to watch.

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Jonah Hill Before and after weight loss

Check out Jonah Hill before and after photos to give yourself the much needed fitness boost.